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The College will be running 17 major projects this year within four priority areas.

The effectiveness of leadership and management Vision and strategic plan for 2020  To develop the effectiveness of the College through a five-year strategy for improvement
Ensuring student places at the College are full To maximise recruitment and retention of students at the College
Introducing leadership standards To improve leadership and management throughout the College
Planning for improvement To enable Governors to lead self-evaluation and College improvement
Challenging College leadership To enable Governors to hold senior leaders to account
Ensuring Governors fulfil statutory duties To enable Governors to meet their statutory responsibilities
The quality of teaching, learning and assessment Ensuring that all teaching is at least good To raise the standards of teaching, increasing the number of outstanding teachers
Introducing a new assessment model for KS3 To devise and implement an accurate model of assessment to link student ability to KS4 outcomes
Ensuring students have age-appropriate reading levels and effective SMSC provision To improve standards of literacy and SMSC provision
Ensuring effective provisions for meeting individual students’ needs To improve learning outcomes by providing differentiated learning facilities
Personal development, behaviour and welfare Ensuring consistent approaches to managing and celebrating student behaviours To embed ethos of positive attitudes and conduct
Raising levels of attendance To improve attitudes to learning by raising attendance and reducing persistent absenteeism
Ensuring effective provision for students’ personal development To improve and monitor tutorial delivery in the College
Developing systems to maximise safeguarding of students To improve students’ safety and perceptions of safety
Outcomes for learners Raising achievement To maximise the performance of individual students and groups of students
Closing gaps 1 To maximise the performance of groups of students
Closing gaps 2 To maximise the performance of Pupil Premium students