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Admissions to the College

We operate our own admissions policy, summarised below.

Children who have a statement of special educational needs, where the school is named on the statement, will have automatic entitlement to a place at the school.

Subsequent priorities:

1. Children in care
2. Children living in the designated area, nearest first, by straight-line distance.
3. Children with a sibling who will be attending the College at the time of admission, nearest first by straight-line distance.

After places have been allocated, a waiting list will be maintained at the College for Year 7 until the end of the Autumn term, prioritised according to the admissions criteria above. New names will be added to the list according to priority. When places become available, the allocation for casual admissions for Years 8 – 11, and for Year 7 from the beginning of the Spring term, will be offered according to the priorities specified in the College’s admissions policy.

The College’s Admissions Policy can be found here