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Online-Safety Curriculum


E-Safety Curriculum

E-Safety is taught as a discrete topic within the ICT program, across all years for total of 6 lessons each year. Topics range from setting out the risks involved and basic understanding of how to stay safe, for the lower years, to more advanced e-safety such as legal issues and software optimising to years 10 and 11. Below is a table that outlines the e-safety delivery across the year within ICT sessions. In addition to this PSHEE delivers an extensive programme through the tutorial programme and flexible learning days. Details of this can be found here

Year 7 spring term

Benefits and Risks of using the internet

  • What is E-Safety
  • Using the internet
  • Personal information
  • Viruses and spyware
  • Social networking

Year 8 spring term

Safety Issues

  • As above +
  • Reporting E-safety
  • Cyber Bullying

Year 9 summer term

Protect yourself

  • Stay safe online – phishing, web site validation
  • Risk prevention – antivirus software, social media settings, browser settings
  • Safe social networking

Year 10 and 11 spring term

Legal issues

Copyright, file sharing, uploading, cloud, trolling, sharing media

Further information regarding the delivery of the Computer Science Curriculum and when elements are delivered can be found here

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