Canteen Life…

Here at Brixham College we have our own ‘In-House’ catering service, consisting of seven staff led by Mrs Patten the Catering Manager and Mrs Bailey the deputy Catering Manager.

The College has excellent dining facilities, with a serving and eating area within the main hall, and two outside serving areas, one at the front of the College with an undercover eating space and one to the rear with picnic benches, however for the Autumn due to COVID we will be serving from two dedicated areas, the main hall for years 7 & 8 and the sports hall for years 9, 10 & 11.

Students can purchase food at particular times during the day:

  • Breakfast     8.00am- 8.20am 
  • Break 1
  • Break 2

The canteen operates a cashless system.  Each student is given a card when they start at the College.  Money can be put onto the card by using ParentPay or by topping up using the two kiosk machines situated outside the Cash Office and in the main hall.  ParentPay can also be used to monitor what your child has been purchasing.

On site, drinking water is freely available from water dispensers.

We have vending machines situated in the main hall, however students can only purchase from them with cash.  Cards cannot be used to purchase food from the vending machines.

Brixham College works closely with both staff and students to ensure the service we are providing meets the needs of the stakeholder’s requirements.  If you have any queries regarding the catering provision, please email

Brixham College – Pre Order Station

It has come to our attention that students and parents/carers are unware of what is available on a daily basis from the canteen.  This could be due to students not realising:

  • That there is a daily menu
  • That some food is not on display
  • That some food does sell out

 Students will need to pre order food in the main hall

 In addition, students will also be able to order food that is not on the menu, so long as the canteen can provide it i.e. jacket potato with cheese.

Using the menu below students can decide what food they can order and when.  It will help avoid disappointment when the food the student wishes to purchase is not there.

 The canteen staff are very friendly and are more than happy to help with student dietary needs.  If a student wishes to purchase something that is not on the menu, they can speak to the member of staff at the pre-order station to see if it can be accommodated.


Week 1 & 2 Menu

Week 3 & 4 Menu

Price List

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