Brixham College Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Brixham College offers students a broad and balanced curriculum matched to the needs of the individual, giving students a wide choice of subjects throughout their time here. All students have access to the full curriculum, irrespective of gender, SEND, ethnicity, academic ability, social or cultural background.

The curriculum meets statutory requirements.

Our curriculum, encapsulates students’ whole learning experience during their time in school and is underpinned by the core belief of “Success in Learning leads to Success in Life”.



Our Curriculum Implementation

At KS3, we deliver a traditional curriculum, the majority of students’ study one language either Spanish or French. We provide extra time in English and Maths for one ‘catch-up’ class in both Years 7 & 8, reducing (but not removing) the time they receive in Computing and Languages. All students have access to the widest possible curriculum, covering Values, Art, DT, English, French/Spanish, Geography, History, Computer Studies, Maths, Music, PE, Philosophy and Ethics and Science.

KS3 is delivered over 3 years to facilitate deeper learning and mastery.  Our KS3 curriculum is important to student’s future success as it is the bridge between childhood learning and the mature study of a young adult. It is a time of both physical and emotional growth, when our students begin to define their own discrete identities and aspirations.  This enables students to make the right choice for them regarding GCSE options.

KS4 is delivered over 2 years.  All students are expected to choose one EBACC subject within these options (although individual requests from students and parents may be agreed where particular learning needs suggest this is not beneficial to the student) and all are encouraged and have the opportunity to take a language and a humanity in order to complete the full EBACC. All students study statutory, PSHEE and PE.

Students are set within English, Maths, Science across all years

The development of students’ personal and social skills and their spiritual and cultural development are nurtured specifically through our Values Education curriculum, The Edge and assemblies, as well as permeating the whole curriculum, both formal and implicit.

Guided Subjects

Teaching and Learning


Seminar Study