Digital Toolkit

Our digital toolkit is based around the principals of Microsoft Office 365. Students and teachers have the ability to be able to use Office 365 both in and out of college. The fundamental principles allow students, staff and parents to ensure that learning and knowledge retention is a 360-degree experience providing a seamless link between the classroom and home.

Our students have been born into a digital age – they know no different. Many of our students will have learnt to type on a touchscreen before they could write – it is our responsibility to harness these abilities and to prepare students to be able to use the right software which will enable them to enter adult life ready for the work place. It is our responsibility to guide them towards the best online resources whilst supporting the Brixham Mastery Curriculum

Our Digital Tools

The Office 365 suite allows students and staff to be able to manage the flow of work between the classroom and home. This sits across all aspects of college life and allows parents to keep up to date with what students are doing on a day to day basis.

Staff and students are working towards a detailed knowledge of all of the Office 365 Apps and use them to improve efficiency. The current apps that are being used are:

  • Microsoft Outlook email, calendar, address/contact book and task manager.
  • Microsoft OneNote is used to gather handwritten or computer typed notes, drawings and audio commentaries. It can be shared and collaborated with by other uses.
  • Microsoft Sway is a presentation program which produces more professional looking presentations than Powerpoint
  • Microsoft Teams allows staff to deliver remotely Lessons, assemblies meetings) and send and receive assignments
  • OneDrive allows students and staff to store files as well as personal data in the cloud. The files can be synchronized to the computer, downloaded or shared with other people.
  • Microsoft Forms is a tool that allows students and staff to quickly create quizzes, surveys, questionnaires, and registrations. Data can easily be transferred to excel spreadsheets in order to analyse data trends.
  • Microsoft Stream can be used by students and staff to create video content for either teaching or work submission.

Alongside these Microsoft 365 tools there are many subject specific digital applications that individual subject areas use in order to enhance learning. (See Below)

The Brixham Subject Toolkit.

Below is a list of websites that are used by subject. (not exhaustive)



English Maths



Music Catering

Health and Social Care


Sociology P&E





The Brixham Digital Way

The introduction of Chromebooks for all has led to a number of innovations across the College whilst closing the gap of Digital Poverty.

Digital CPD: Is delivered to both staff and students via “How to…” film shorts. This is an ongoing process.

Digital Knowledge Organisers: Our Knowledge Organisers are now exclusively digital – they are updated every term and are found on the Brixham College website.

Student and Parent Hub: A Central Hub space has been developed for the College website which provides all parents and students access to information raging from Parents evening appointments to lunch menus.

Staff Hub: A staff hub has been developed to allow staff access to all of the apps and functions they might need to be able to work/teach remotely.

Guided Subjects: Students and parents have digital access to faculty information for Year 9 Guided Subjects

Guided Reading: Students and staff have access to deeper knowledge and understanding for the Guided Reading books

Brixham Values: All of the tasks, work, thinking and discussion tasks for Values lessons are delivered directly to the students via Classnotebook on Microsoft Teams

College-wide Screens/Chromebook home screens: Screens and projectors are located around the College in order to spread information about upcoming events and extra-curricular activities. Student success are broadcast as a recognition tool. Messages and information is put on to student’s screens (eg – wearing of masks in the corridor etc.)

Next Steps

The Brixham Digital Six

We are moving towards our “Brixham Digital Six” model which will provide a framework for App usage and help to shape the direction of Digital CPD. Our Parental Digital Innovation Group will quality assure the effectiveness of different websites and applications in order to streamline our digital provision across the College.