Summer School


Overview of our Summer School Week


As part of our commitment to increasing our students Personal Development, each year Brixham College runs a Year 6 into Year 7 Summer School. This event has always given students and parents alike, an opportunity to feel part of the Brixham College community early on, in addition to giving students an opportunity to get to know staff, new peers, and their college environment before the college term begins. This is also a week where the students begin their Brixham College journey, and gain fond memories of this experience for many years to come.


Last year our summer school underwent a complete re-designed and has been refreshed, in order to give our new students, the opportunity to learn and appreciate our college values of High Expectations, Knowledge, Character, Leadership and Continuous Improvement, which drives all that we do here at Brixham College.


The week runs on a carousal, with each day’s opportunities, events, challenges and Grenville House sessions, reflecting one of our values. By the end of the week, students will have gained a wealth of experiences, and begun to form those important attachments, so that they feel as though they belong and share the values of the college community.


In light of recent changes and challenges due to the series of lockdown periods, our summer school that ran from Monday 16 – Friday 20 August 2021, has served as Y7 transition, and the induction process to Brixham College in addition to the weeks activities and experiences to enhance their personal development.


This summer we also added to our carousel of events, sessions with a literacy & numeracy focus, which not only served as catch up, but gave students an opportunity to spring board their learning in topics that they would be learning in the first few terms of Y7.


Every students attending summer school also received a Chromebook, ready to start the college year. Students received training on how to use the Chromebook along with a set of mini tasks to hone their skills in using it, during the next weeks in preparation for using them as part of their learning tool going forward.


In order to encourage good lifestyle choices, our summer school, provided morning snacks, a healthy packed lunch and their own Brixham College re-useable water bottle.


Our Summer School has also benefitted parents directly, as we normally have to charge for places. Due to funding made available from the Government our week long event has been fully funded.


Brixham College applied for £62,000 grant in total. These funds covered:

  • Staffing Costs (12+ members of staff)
  • Grenville House Sessions (Each student receiving 2 x Half day sessions)
  • All experiences & the resources required for them.
  • Literacy & Numeracy sessions with specialist’s teachers.
  • Morning snacks & packed lunch for every student on each of the 5 days.
  • Reusable Brixham College Values Water bottle.
  • Site & Mini Bus costs.


Summer School Carousal

Carousal of Events and Experiences offered to students.

Student take up for Summer 2021, meant that a total of 10 groups of students operated across the week,