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Pupil Premium

Continuous Improvement

Pupil Premium at Brixham College

The staff and Trustees are committed to improving life chances for pupil premium students and ensuring pupil premium students have an equally positive experience at school as non – pupil premium students. We recognise that this remains a priority at the college and pupil premium spending is constantly assessed and evaluated. We have a Senior Leader who is responsible for tracking the progress of Pupil Premium students throughout their time at Brixham College. Whilst the gap is narrowing between Pupil premium and non-pupil premium, there is still much work to be done in reducing this.

For many Pupil Premium students, barriers to achievement include poor literacy skills, disorganisation, reduced access to cultural and enriching opportunities and low aspiration. For this reason, much of our spending of the Pupil Premium is focussed around addressing these barriers. While examination results are the ultimate measure of the effectiveness of this spending, we consider the following to be additional measure of impact: accessing lessons, attendance, literacy and transition into further education, training or work.

What is the purpose of the Pupil Premium Funding?

Schools receive additional funding called the Pupil Premium. This funding is allocated by the Government to help schools support the disadvantaged children from low income families and children in care. The amount a school receives is based on:

· The number of children entitled to free school meals (FSM)

· The number of children eligible for FSM over the last six years (Ever 6 FSM

· The number of looked after children (CLA)

Nationally there is a gap between the attainment of Pupil premium students and non – pupil students. Pupil Premium funding has been given to schools to help narrow this gap.

Brixham College is committed to ensuring every student eligible for the pupil premium benefits directly via this additional funding and is in no way disadvantaged when compared to their peers.

We aim to:

· ensure all students eligible for the pupil premium make outstanding academic progress and achieve beyond expectation.

· ensure there is transparency, through our reporting mechanism, to demonstrate how and why this funding has been spent.

· ensure any differences made to the learning and progress of students eligible for the pupil premium are shown within performance data and inspection evidence.

· ensure we recognise that not all students who are socially disadvantaged are registered or qualify for free school meals and reserve the right to allocate the pupil premium funding to support any students or groups of students the College has legitimately identified as being socially disadvantaged.

· ensure parents of disadvantaged children understand they can make a positive contribution to their children’s achievement in the College by engaging in relevant training and recognizing that parent involvement makes a difference.

What is the profile of disadvantaged students at Brixham College?

The table below shows the percentage of disadvantaged students compared to other students currently attending Brixham College, broken down by Year Group.

Year 7


Year 8


Year 9


Year 10


Year 11


Whole School

Pupil Premium


34% 26% 32% 31% 21% 29%




66% 74% 68% 69% 79% 71%
What funding does Brixham College receive for the Disadvantaged Students?





Number of Pupil Premium Students





Percentage of Pupil Premium students






Pupil Premium Allocation





What did Brixham College spend Pupil Premium funding on during 2020-2021?

The College’s rationale for spending its pupil premium funding is founded on research and evidence, particularly the EEF Toolkit guidance from the Sutton Trust. We decided to spend the money last year on a range of both general and specific ways that we believed would have the most impact on disadvantaged students, in terms of both holistic achievement and well being and specific attainment and progress.

In 2020/21, the pupil premium funding at Brixham College is £251,515 and is being used in the following ways:

· Quality First Teaching for students

· Ensure all students have access to a broad and balanced curriculum and a commitment to raising aspiration through increased disadvantaged uptake of the EBacc in Key Stage 4

· Revision classes taught by a range of subjects after school and during holidays.

· Additional staffing in English, Maths and Science.

· Trained SEND teachers to provide 1-1 support with low literacy and numeracy.

· Accelerated Reader programme

· Classcharts to support students with accessing HL

· Education psychologist to undertake specialist assessment and intervention to identify barriers to learning.

· Provision of independent learning and revision resources, additional educational resources and equipment.

· Subject specific targeted support and intervention

· Financial contribution towards music Tuition (Priority given to students studying Music at Key Stage 4)

· Financial contribution towards enrichment trips (Priority given to enrichment which support qualifications). Amount to be confirmed with the publication of a trip or visit.

· Financial support with equipment purchases, residential/daily trips, provision of revision resources and equipment.

· Mentoring and anger management support

· Good attendance tracked and monitored by VP, HOY, Attendance Officer and Education Welfare Officer.

· To promote parent communication and engagement at Brixham College.

· Providing small group work with an experienced teacher focused on overcoming gaps in learning.

· Specialist 1:1 Maths and English tutor provision and intervention.

· Specialist HPA PP mentoring

· One to one support.

· Additional teaching, learning and social development opportunities provided through teaching assistants, behaviour mentors and external agencies.

· Discrete literacy and numeracy lessons with a specialist teacher.

· Parental engagement and an understanding of how they can make a positive contribution to their child’s progress.

· Breakfast club provision.

· Supporting smaller teaching class sizes.

· Dedicated SEN Co-ordinator, led by the SENCO.

· ICT infrastructure and software to facilitate home learning.

· Engagement in out-of-school clubs and enrichment activities such as swimming, visits to universities, Enterprise Days, Healthy Living Camp

· Engagement in out-of-school clubs and enrichment activities such as swimming, visits to universities, Enterprise Days, Healthy Living Camp

· Counselling services

· Purchasing of software to track and monitor behaviour, attendance and attainment

· Subsidised school travel to improve attendance

· Whole-school teaching and learning initiatives

· Delivery of additional intervention projects for specific subject and faculty areas.

Next year Brixham College currently plans to continue to use pupil premium funding in the same way.

What has been the impact of our Pupil Premium expenditure so far?

Quality support is given to Free school meal and Pupil Premium students to ensure that they are supported to achieve outcomes which reflect their potential. Students are well supported on entrance into the college, pupil premium students given a high focus on transition points e.g Year 6 into 7, making choices in Year 9 and applying for 6th Form or making applications to other providers. Pupil Premium students receive thorough advice and guidance to support them with this process. We support our Pupil Premium prior to examinations, we ensure excellent attendance at examinations, which is chased by the Head of Year and the attendance and student support services.

In 2019 the results were as follows:


5 at Grade 5 or above (incl English and Maths)


5 at Grade 4 or above (incl English and Maths)


Progress 8




Pupil Premium











Non -Pupil Premium












-0.45 (PP)


36.7 (PP)

50.3 (Non PP)

Therefore, we remain committed to improve the outcomes of our Disadvantaged Students through targeted, evidence based support. We are not satisfied that we gave not yet been able to increase their outcomes to match those of our other students at Brixham College.

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