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High Expectations

The Brixham College Student Council consists of democratically elected representatives from every year group at Brixham College, chosen in a vote by students in their own year group based on policies each puts forward as to how they would help make Brixham College an even greater place to come to school and study.

The Student Council, therefore, act as the voice of the students here at the College. They perform this duty by bringing any comments, issues or concerns that have been brought to their attention by the student body to regular Council Meetings. At these meetings, the representatives will debate and discuss these issues at length, coming up with ideas and ways to help improve the lives of all at the College.

The Student Council are a direct link to the Principal, Senior Leadership and the Staff Body as a whole, passing on their suggestions and ideas to help affect change on a school-wide scale. They also work with organisations in the local community, such as Brixham Town Council and youth Genesis, to help implement changes in the area to benefit young people in Brixham and beyond.

In the past, the Student Council have influenced changes to the canteen menus to allow for a broader range of options for those with specific dietary requirements, have launched an organisation for those in the LGBTQIA+ community, have consulted with the Town Council over the development of Shoalstone Pool, and have worked on developing mentoring systems to tackle bullying and support student wellbeing.

The Brixham College Student Council demonstrates democracy in action, and all representatives are proud to be a part of this. They hope to influence positive change to enrich the lives of all the Brixham College.

Meet The Team – Student Council 2022