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At Brixham College, PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) is taught explicitly within:

• Timetabled lessons

• Tutorial programme

• Assemblies

• Flexible Learning days

• One off events

PSHEE is also taught implicitly within many subjects and events at the College for example Science, PE and Philosophy and Ethics.

In our school, all children and young people are experiencing PSHEE which places the learner at the centre of planning, learning and assessment. PSHEE education takes into account their local and universal needs, recognising, valuing and building on the diversity and richness of the existing knowledge and understanding, skills, values and experiences that they bring to their learning. The PREVENT strategy is fully embedded within our curriculum with all staff, through the completion of WRAP training, ensuring the safeguarding of the students at our college through a robust, reactive and integrated programme of study which promotes discussion.

All children and young people are learning within a planned, flexible and differentiated PSHEE provision, enriching the entire curriculum here at Brixham College. PSHEE sets learning within ‘real life contexts’ that affect children, young people, their families and our community.

PSHEE is enabling children and young people to make and act on informed decisions and takes opportunities that will help them live happy, healthy lives, now and in the future. It does this by providing compelling, active learning that is enabling young people to develop concepts, knowledge and skills to be able to successfully manage themselves, their relationships, risk and the challenges and opportunities, predictable and unpredictable, known and unknown, that they may encounter.

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