Brixham College's 'Oblivion' Greenpower team revs up at Castle Combe

June 11, 2024 10:00am

The Brixham College Greenpower team recently completed the second race of the season at the Castle Combe Circuit.

Unlike the previous airfield tracks, Castle Combe offered a more structured and challenging terrain, setting the stage for an exhilarating day of racing.

The day started off with the team scrutinising and listening to the team briefing. However, the team encountered an unexpected hurdle during practice as a car overturned, leading to a shortened practice session for Jack French and Freddie Sutton. Nonetheless, spirits remained high as the team geared up for the races ahead.


With a diverse lineup comprising both a year 8 team and a mixed year group team, the Brixham College Greenpower Team showcased their depth and versatility on the track.

On the pits were team members Sophia Little, Leon Ingram, and team manager Henry Bowles.

Oliver Bailey started out strong with a quick start and skillful driving, missing another car that swerved in front of him. There was a quick pit stop to change to Jack French, who carried on for the part of the race with some excellent lap speeds. Freddie Sutton finished the race in 35th place out of 53 cars.

The second race driver Louie Myers, took the wheel, using his experience and skill to deliver some excellent lap times. Despite encountering a red flag that curtailed his time on the track, Myers set the stage for a competitive outing. Jack French continued the charge, followed by Erin O’Brien, who brought the race to a satisfying conclusion for the team, securing the 44th position overall.

Reflecting on the day's achievements, the team expressed satisfaction in navigating the larger and more challenging circuit, further honing their skills and understanding of the vehicle's performance dynamics.

Thank you to the families that came to support us and to the sponsors. Brixham Rotary, the Councillors of St Peter's with St Mary's Ward in Brixham, The Bay Coffee Company, Queensgate Prior, G & L Consultancy, The Guardhouse Café, Amtek and Brixham Trawler Agents.

Our next race is on the 26th June at Predannack, Cornwall.

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