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Brixham College is an exceptional school with a fantastic learning environment and ethos. We are rightly proud of being a comprehensive school providing excellent educational opportunities for all children, irrespective of ability or aptitude.

Whilst academic success is very important, at Brixham College we believe that there is more to a good education.  As well as ensuring our students succeed in exams, we aim to develop our values of high expectations, knowledge, character, leadership and continued improvement in all our children.  Throughout their time at Brixham College, students are expected to demonstrate our values in their work, attitude and contribution to our community and to society.  This is what we call our values led approach to education.


Exam Information 2022

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Year 11 Booster Programme 2022


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Year 11 Revision


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Digital Education at Brixham College

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Extra-Curricular Activities @ Brixham College

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