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All students within our Sixth Form follow an agreed study programme which comprises their academic studies, tutor periods and enrichment. We intend that the acquisition of subject specialist knowledge combined with life skills and an understanding of the world around them, will equip our students for their future and enable them to make informed decisions. 

Academic Curriculum:  

Most students will have already obtained a minimum of 5 GCSE's at grades 9-4, Their Study Programme will normally include a combination of three Level 3 courses such as A-Levels; BTECS or equivalents. Where students have not achieved the minimum grades, admission will be at the discretion of the Head of Sixth Form. More information about the details and entry requirements for each subject please see the Sixth Form Prospectus.  

Maths and English GCSE classes will automatically be part of the study programme for any student who has not yet obtained a 4 grade or equivalent in either. 

Tutorial and Enrichment Programme: 

Tutor periods are compulsory for each student as this is where they are exposed to a range of personal, social and cultural topics, study skills and habits, aspirations and the range of post 18 opportunities. We value and are proud of the strong relationships the tutors develop with their tutees. The relationships allow the tutors to support individuals though their journey at Sixth Form and enables them to write references for students' university or job applications. 

Morning Tutorial – Students will receive important messages and have 1-1s with tutors regarding progress and attendance. 

Afternoon Tutorial – Students will receive delivered sessions on PSHEE and other topics. 

All students also receive 1 lesson per week dedicated to study skills development. 

Focused Learning Day Programme: 

3 days per year off-timetable to cover a range of topics linked to cultural diversity, physical and mental health, post-18 opportunities (higher education, employment or apprenticeships) and guest speakers including the University of Bath. Students also go on the UCAS convention and a range of apprenticeship and employment conventions throughout the two years. 

Sport and Creativity Programme: 

Once per week on a Wednesday morning, students have the chance to undertake a range of opportunities linked to their wellbeing and development. Current offers include; cooking, sport, craft skills, debating, MOOCs EPQ and British Sign Language. 

Community Programme: 

Each year, all students are encouraged to take part in the Community Programme, where students volunteer within the school community. Opportunities include peer reading and numeracy at KS3, mentoring at GCSE, and running clubs. This is a fantastic way for students to build their confidence, inter-personal skills of more specific academic knowledge. 



Jason Haines


Head of Sixth Form

Brixham College



Brixham College Sixth Form

We currently have a number of students within our 16-19 provision who require additional tuition in order to secure Grade 4+ GCSE passes in English or Maths.  

Learning was disrupted during the Pandemic and the 1:1 support which would normally be instigated to enhance the provision for them was also not available.  

We intend to use additional funding to provide 1:1 tutoring sessions for each student, enabling them to have a far greater chance of success in June 2022.  

These sessions will provided by an external ‘online’ specialist company. 

Student engagement with this scheme will start immediately after securing funding.  


This is one of the most important times in your life.

You are in the process of making exciting decisions about your future after the age of 16. The decisions you make will not only affect the next 2 years, but will also shape what you go on to do in the long-term future. You want to be sure that you make the right choice.

Brixham College offers you a contemporary, dynamic and effective option. Here you will find a well resourced learning environment where you can benefit from outstanding teaching and structured support and guidance. You will be equipped with the skills you need to thrive and be successful in your studies.

Whatever your ambition, we will work with you to ensure that you have the best chance to progress on to your chosen University degree or career and become a successful young person ready for life in the 21st century.

If you have any questions about what we can offer you, please get in touch.

Mr. J. Haines – Head of Sixth Form

Telephone: 01803 858271